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Originally Posted by philb View Post
Also maybe go by the shop and have them see if your steering head bearings are worn or damaged, or if you may have bent the forks any in your crash.

If you get help you can check this at home. Maybe not quite as close inspection as a pro, but...
There should not be any click or "detente" feel when turning bars side to side.
Should not be front to rear play in the front end, but you may need the front wheel off the ground to check that.
Also make sure tires are not worn out or worn funny.

I learned about the low rear effecting the from when I had a rear flat on my Tuono about a year ago.
Cruising along the back road and the front felt vague, started to wobble a little.
Then it got worse and turned into a tank slapper while I wondered what was going on. I was able to get it stopped OK, and the back tire was destroyed. If in doubt, pull over and check things out NOW, not later.

Good luck fixing the issue.
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