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My M750 has a new trick! A headshake at high speed turns!

2001 M750 has been running perfectly since the idle issue was solved. (Thank you Ronski. You were right, I didn't replace the battery. ) I took it out yesterday and did about 50 miles. The first half of the trip was smooth. Parked it for about 2 hours and then heading home, I noticed the front end felt wobbly when I'd take it hard into corners or when I'd go higher than 70mph. I thought maybe I had low air pressure and stopped at a gas station but psi was fine.

Bit of history... The handlebars were replaced because they were bent from when I went down last year but I don't think that would be related now. Then again it sat for a long time since the drop and handlebar replacement. When kept at lower speeds I feel no wobble at all. High speeds and hard turns, I get the feeling me and the asphalt are going to meet, again. So my question is what would cause a wobble?

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