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Need Part Numbers for S2R Termi Exhaust

I've been (hopelessly) trying to locate a full termi exhaust for my 2007 S2R 800. Ideally, I'd like to get the 50mm midpipes which I think is part #979A00105, along with the 45 degree, shotgun, or raised silencers + air filter and ecu. The only part number I've been able to find for the cans is the "raised" kit (cans+ecu+airbox) #96446205B. [Edit] Looks like the shotgun part number is #96448206B, but no air filter included...

Worth noting, my 2007 does not have a O2 sensor. Don't know if the PO deleted it, or it came that way, but I can run a system without a lambda port.

Does anybody have a full kit part number (midpipes, cans, ecu, and airfilter?). Do you have to buy the two separately? Does anybody have the part numbers for the two other can kits (45, and shotgun)?

I've tried sourcing a 2007 Ducati Performance/Accessory catalog, but no luck so far.

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