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Originally Posted by breaddrink View Post
No, it was a yellow one with less than 3 thousand. Tank replaced from swelling..

I'll see if it's still up.
Yep it is..

It says it's had it's 15k service done because of age, not use. Odometer reads 2700! (I mean.. Wow It's new. damn.)
The belts can go wonky if they're left to sit. They set in place and can cause vibration.

$5500, but it's been up a while.. Freeze is about to set in. I bet you could get them to go lower. Looks absolutely bone stock.

So the 2005 S2R800 doesn't come with a dry clutch? That is one of the things I loved about the Monsters I had - they all had amazing shifting, and I see complaints with the s2r800 being "clunky."

"No, it's not broken - that's just what I tiger purrs like."
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