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Originally Posted by Fatsooo View Post
Not a problem! Glad the photos helped!

I also have been putting in some thought about your fast idle lever and the fact it stalls. I dont think it should stall. does your bike have the charcoal canister removed?
I know people were reporting issues with start up and once that was removed, it works much better. Mine specifically wasnt having issues, except it being a complete eyesore, but id do some research into that to see if that would help.
Charcoal canister is still on mine. The only changes that I have seen from stock:

1. Horrible/cheaply done tail chop (still trying to wire license plate light bolts to make it street legal at night lol)
2. Broken 02 hose bracket
3. Misaligned belt covers (I think someone did a timing belt change in a hurry)

Everything else on the bike appears to be completely bone stock (even the tires are original, which isn't a good thing I know).

Waiting 2-3 minutes to gradually decrease rpm/fast idle seems to have solved the stall issue. Prior I was trying to do it all within 30 seconds to 1 minutes flat.

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