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Originally Posted by Fatsooo View Post
newer owner as well here so my answers might not be 100% accurate.

1.) mines an ABS model as well, and your rear looks identical to mine minus missing the tone ring. that black wire is the ABS sensor line. another way to check is your guage cluster. at the top, the yellow light should be illuminated and says ABS as soon as you turn on the ignition and usually stays on until you get up to 5 mph-ish. scrolling through the A menu (pushing up on left hand controls menu button) should give you the option to disable ABS. that was my 100% telltale sign that mine has ABS.
for the missing tone ring, seems like it just gets bolted onto the rotor so should be an easy fix. I've attached a photo of mine.

2.) If I'm looking at this correctly, you have one connector, where I have three right there. from what I know, my connectors are for diagnostics and DDA. I think one of them might also be the factory ducati battery tender. from what i read, dealers install the universal sae battery tender connector since they knew no one would buy the factory tender. I wonder if there was some differences throughout the years. Mine is a MY2012. What year is yours?

3.) dont have any experience here. my fender eliminator comes in later this week so havent personally messed with any wiring in the rear yet.

4.) fast idle lever. im in orange county and actually use mine a bit. my bike wont stall without it engaged on a cold start, but runs pretty rough. i usually keep mine on for about 3-4 minutes and then take it easy for the first couple miles. i use the digital read out on the dash to modulate the lever. i try to keep my idle under 2k and above 1200 rpm. i will completely disengage the fast idle lever when my idle can stay above 1200.
to make it easy, i will turn the bike on before gearing up.

again, i am a newer owner so some of my information might be off. im sure other people will chime in and point you in the right direction
Thank you for the replies. Based on your photo, I think mine is not an ABS model. Your rear rotor has the notches on the inner panel which tells me yours is 100% abs. Regarding lights mine just has the 3 red rev limiter lights at the top of my LCD, no yellow light. That answers that question, not sure why my dealer thought it was ABS (probably just trying to up sell me even though I was already sold on the bike at that point lol) I think the wire you are seeing on mine is not for ABS but for the speedo guage sensor. I could be wrong though.

Regarding the connectors, I do have an SAE battery tender connector under my tank on resting on one of the frame spots. I believe this was installed by the original owner or the dealer I purchased it from. I'm assuming now that the connector I have is for the DDA in image #2. i.e ducati's version of OBD. That's my guess at this point.

I do have two other connectors wrapped in electrical tape as you can see in image #3. I'm assuming one is for my license plate light and the other is something else (not sure what) I'm just not sure why in the world any one would wrap a connector in electrical tape. Open wire I get, but a connector confuses me it's like a double negative. Still curious to know if anyone knows what type of connector type/cap I need to purchase to wire an aftermarket license plate light into it without spicing any wire. I.e. a plug and play wiring solution.

Regarding the idle lever, that info helps me tremendously! Thank you so much! 3-4 minutes seems like what I have been doing wrong. I only gave it 30-45 seconds prior. Going forward I'll attempt your RPM gauge/time recommendation and see if it helps.

I greatly appreciate your reply, even as a new rider, as it's pointed me in the right direction with some of these. Also as a side note it seems we live within 60 miles or so of each other. If you ever want to meet up and go for a ride or a coffee (maybe in a month or so when I've gotten more comfortable) message me! Btw mine is a 2011

Thank again!

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