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Originally Posted by AJZ View Post
Three questions for you guys (or any current M696 owners)

1. See photo below, the dealer told me after I purchased the bike that it's an ABS model (I doubted them as it doesn't have the inner abs rotor but maybe I'm just an idiot. Can anyone tell from this photo if the bike is abs or non-abs.

2. Is the connector/cable below the tool bag in this photo the bike's OBD connector? Or am I off?

3. My bike has a horribly done fender chop by the previous owner it essentially has no license plate light at the moment so I can't drive at night legally. The wires I'm holding in my fingers, any idea if one of the two connectors could be the license plate adapter? If so, does anyone know what type of connector it's called? I'm trying to mod some license plate light bolts to use but first need to know the connector type I'll need to buy. Also, any idea why someone would put electrical tape over connectors

Final question for now regarding the the fast idle lever I've been turning on the bike with the lever fully engaged, however if I slowly bring it up to disengaged/off after 30-45 seconds I notice the bike will stall. Does any one know how long is good practice for the lever to be kept engaged? I live in LA 60-70 degree weather so am a bit baffled that I have to use it at all since I thought in theory it was only for cold starts.

Many thanks all!
newer owner as well here so my answers might not be 100% accurate.

1.) mines an ABS model as well, and your rear looks identical to mine minus missing the tone ring. that black wire is the ABS sensor line. another way to check is your guage cluster. at the top, the yellow light should be illuminated and says ABS as soon as you turn on the ignition and usually stays on until you get up to 5 mph-ish. scrolling through the A menu (pushing up on left hand controls menu button) should give you the option to disable ABS. that was my 100% telltale sign that mine has ABS.
for the missing tone ring, seems like it just gets bolted onto the rotor so should be an easy fix. ive attached a photo of mine.

2.) If I'm looking at this correctly, you have one connector, where I have three right there. from what I know, my connectors are for diagnostics and DDA. I think one of them might also be the factory ducati battery tender. from what i read, dealers install the universal sae battery tender connector since they knew no one would buy the factory tender. I wonder if there was some differences throughout the years. Mine is a MY2012. What year is yours?

3.) dont have any experience here. my fender eliminator comes in later this week so havent personally messed with any wiring in the rear yet.

4.) fast idle lever. im in orange county and actually use mine a bit. my bike wont stall without it engaged on a cold start, but runs pretty rough. i usually keep mine on for about 3-4 minutes and then take it easy for the first couple miles. i use the digital read out on the dash to modulate the lever. i try to keep my idle under 2k and above 1200 rpm. i will completely disengage the fast idle lever when my idle can stay above 1200.
to make it easy, i will turn the bike on before gearing up.

again, i am a newer owner so some of my information might be off. im sure other people will chime in and point you in the right direction
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