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Originally Posted by Monster4Lee View Post
Congrats on the bike. You might consider a refresher riding course.
Thank you. I'm going to skip on the refresher course for now. I remember everything verbatim and still have my study manual from the MSF course so I think I'm fine in that aspect. Time will tell though.

Originally Posted by Bub View Post
If you plan on a lot of city riding, changing the front sprocket from a 15 tooth to a 14 tooth will make it easier to launch. A shop should be able to do it for around $100, or you could do it yourself for $20. Enjoy the bike!
Do you have a link to a specific 14 tooth sprocket/brand that you would recommend? I've also read about a throttle tamer that really helps with launches, any input on if that is useful at all?

Part of me is of the mindset where I should learn to ride the bike as is/at it's most difficult so that I'm more prepped for the worst. The other part of me is like, I've read of people being scared from the pull of this bike a lower speeds so maybe I should just get the items recommended.

I may just tough it out and learn on it stock.
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