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Cool Advice for New M696 Owner

Hi All,

Just purchased a new to me M696 with ABS this weekend. Curious if any current M696 owners have any advice or learned lessons that they can provide me? Do's, dont's, cheap recommend upgrades?

About me:
- Have had my M1 for 11 years but never owned a bike prior. Have only ridden a Rebel 250 prior (via MSF course 11 years ago) and a Ninja 250 (friends bike). Otherwise I'm a total novice.
- 30+ years old so not into show boating like I was in my early/mid 20's.
- Planning to only ride the bike in an empty parking lot and/or neighborhood side streets for the first 2 weeks to a month in order to get myself adequated with the bike/weight and throttle.
- I'm 5'10" about 220lbs sitting on the bike I could fully flat foot with knees very slightly bent (this is one of the key reasons I choose this model and the lower cc for a Ducati).
- My bike is bone stock with exception of a very badly done tail chop.
- I have full gear (armored jacket, gloves, boats, helmet)
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