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Originally Posted by Monster4Lee View Post
Not my choice of green, but looks a lot better after, and looks like you did a nice job.
The prep work is veeeeeery labor intensive.
the pics were more for an example of before and after, and to show what it costs for materials. i know its a "love it or hate it" color change

bottom line, there shouldn't be much prep work involved if you dont have any preexisting damage. you could also save some money by disassembling the bike yourself and scuffing everything down with 500 grit. remember to tape off the fuel tank filler and fuel pump holes so no dust gets inside. if you disassemble yourself, scuff everything, and reassemble yourself, you should be closer to the $400-500 mark. again, this is assuming a one color respray. any more $$, and its not a very good friend. the only labor intensive part is wet sanding after color and inbetween clears, IF you want a show-quality finish. i was more after a factory finish due to laziness and the fact that i really only wanted that faded yellow gone lol
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