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Originally Posted by caferacermike View Post
Very fancy.

I had a frame and bits powder coated, it was done in a two part where a white was partially melted then a pink was put over that and the 2 colors were finished up. The white was to make the pink really bright.

Powder coating can be quite thick and I noticed some spots were very thick with the 2 color coating, you did 3? How did that lay down for you?

I did not do the Powdercoat myself. I had a shop in Syracuse do it called Rim Doctor. The translucent red was a little tricky for them but they ended up doing a hot coat where they had the frame in the chrome base powder warmed in the oven prior to applying the red and it came out beautiful. It is a little tricky but the frame number is still legible. I requested they only put the clear on the inside surface where the engine mounts so I could sand it down easily and have good contact for ground. I walked them through what to mask off on the other parts so I could avoid figment issues.

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