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Originally Posted by cmross13 View Post
[UPDATE 9-15]- i forgot to mention that the tanks that CAC currently produces are not paintable, but Chris is exploring options on coatings to allow them to be painted. this was a major oversight on my part, and for that i apologize. obviously these wouldn't be nearly as attractive if they weren't paint-matched, so this is a huge factor.

also, i have corrected my original post to be more specific on which "style" of tank would be produced, and thats the later 2000-2008 style that the plastic tanks were produced in.
Our red is pretty amazing. Somehow, plastic makers' red reference often is dead on with Ducati red when held side by side in the sunlight. The tank in the pic below is our early MTT offering, which is the sportbike shape. I would say that I should have done that tank in the "Monster shape", however, that mold has so many issues and problems, I'm much happier to take my knowledge and start fresh on the tank which everyone will want more.

Huger wallpaper size version here: https://ca-cycleworks.com/c/pics/Fue..._wallpaper.jpg

As far as 2000+ tank shape, it's pretty much just the seat notch that differs, so owners of carbd models can change seats (and the seat latch).


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