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CA Cycleworks old Monster tank group buy! $699!!!

I have spoken with the owner of CA Cycleworks about creating an OEM replacement fuel tank for us who suffer from ethanol swelling, and there's good news ahead. For those of you who dont know, we currently have four options:

ETI-FuelCel "Composite" unit at $1,500
Legendary Motorcycles Aluminum at $2,500
Beater Japan Aluminum at $2,800
these prices are all plus paint
then there is the OEM Ducati/Acerbis tank with the same problems for roughly $1,400, but at least thats painted

Now the obvious choice we would all like to make would be the Beater unit due to its solid reputation and no known QC/craftsmanship issues. That being said, i personally dont want to spend $3,000 on a tank for a $6,000 bike. While I have no intention of ever selling my S4RS, if i absolutely HAD to, my return on investment would be nearly zero. I knew CAC had successfully made rotary molded tanks for other models and has been a staple in the Ducati Community for many years, so last night under the influence of several Gin & Tonics, i reached out to Chris. To my surprise, I got a positive response.

So here's the meat & potatoes version:

we need a minimum of 30, but preferably 50+ people
these tanks will have the OEM pre-2008 Monster shape, but with whatever bottom your application calls for(from Carb'd to S4RS, covering literally every first generation Monster application)
he is also considering an expanded bottom option for those without an airbox, effectively increasing volume and therefore range(im currently researching pod filters and will dyno the results, as i personally would LOVE more than 100mi on a tank)
initial pricing is at $699. if this works out, I can provide them pre-painted with OEM PPG paints for an additional $300-ish. note: this is for striped or solid colors. Tricolore need not apply unless someone is willing to send me a stock tank to use for reference

now, my involvement is simply that of approaching them about actually doing it, offering up some tanks(S2R and S4RS) for molding purposes, and being responsible for this group buy.

so there you have it. i dont really see any downsides. a used tank on ebay is $400-500, and unless you're pretty lucky, you still have to paint it. then, like me, you will be swapping it out every year and freaking out hoping you dont strip the oh-so-fragile fuel pump screws, and it will STILL swell. in this case you could buy an ethanol-safe plastic replacement for your bike and if you decide to sell, include the OEM which will probably be dried out by then.

there are literally thousands of people with these affected bikes, and they all suffer from the same stupid issue with fuel. if you're reading this, you probably either own one or know someone who does. lets spread the word and make it a reality...

[UPDATE 9-15]- i forgot to mention that the tanks that CAC currently produces are not paintable, but Chris is exploring options on coatings to allow them to be painted. this was a major oversight on my part, and for that i apologize. obviously these wouldn't be nearly as attractive if they weren't paint-matched, so this is a huge factor.

also, i have corrected my original post to be more specific on which "style" of tank would be produced, and thats the later 2000-2008 style that the plastic tanks were produced in.

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