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Originally Posted by philb View Post
The original Monsters were all designated "M", followed by the engine size (900, 750, 600, 620, 800, 1000). Later, some of the fuel injected models added an "ie" at the end.

A second generation, with single-sided swingarms was designed, and those were designated as "S" models, followed by a "2" or a "4" for the valves per cylinder, then an "R" on most models for marketing purposes. The S4 (916 engine) and S4R (996 engine) were left at that. The S2R models had the engine size (800 or 1000) further appended.

The third generation went back to "M" with engine size (696, 796, 1100).

As with anything Italian, special cases and additional inconsistencies will be found if you look.

What would be the Ducati nomenclature for my 2016 Monster 1200R?

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