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Originally Posted by dacquisto View Post
I read the thread about the S4R running temp, and I'm a little concerned...

Newer bike for me.

It hasn't been terribly hot out (about 70 F), but I seem to get upwards to 225-230 (in traffic) fairly quickly. More like 180 when on the freeway.

What could this possibly mean? I just had it in for oil, new belts and chain service, and they said everything "checked out well," but this - they wouldn't have noticed. Can anyone give me advice on which direction I should be looking as far as possible problems creating this?

Also, (side note?) I get an occasional burst of gas fumes. Is this normal?

I was about to say that those temps are the same as what my bike has been running at lately BUT it's also been in the mid to high 90s here. I think it's hit in the low 200s on cooler mornings when riding in traffic.

The owner's manual says the high temp warning comes on at 338F so I would think that you're still within an acceptable temp range but I'm still new to these bikes so take that for what you will.
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