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I'm Gilbert, I'm from Johannesburg in South Africa, & i own & ride a 1997 Ducati Monster M400.
Luv the machine to bits & do my own work on the bike, as the only dealership here is crap, well most dealerships here are crap.
As i go along i collect data and share with anybody that is interested.
I had rebuild my bike with aftermarket parts & second hand parts that i could obtain.
I had added a cagiva tachometer & fuel gauge to the bike, and will do upgrades as i go along & can afford them.
the fuel gauge is not working & would like to replace it later on, but i am thinking of upgrading all the gauges to modern electronic ones that work with GPS, still researching it.
the other day i say vob on why you shouldn't own a Ducati, i say to hell with that chap. if you luv it, you'll make it work.

That's my two cents
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