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Just saw this post now. Welcome.
My wife just started riding last year at 57 years old following her safety riding course. She's very vertically challenged where a cruiser would have been better height wise. Notwithstanding, I got her a CBR300R as it's much lighter and a much better starter bike. Also spent an extra $1500 to lower it properly by about 3 inches. The Honda was a good decision as it was inexpensive and she really does not enjoy riding as I do. Consequently, I may have to sell it but the financial loss is tolerable. I was hoping she would evolve onto a Monster 696 as the stock seat is a low 30".
I think the 821 is a great bike having had a demo for a weekend. Then rode their 1200 demo. Bought the 1200 just for the power and highway drivability. Fun bikes regardless of displacement size.

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