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Neglected and Squided 99 M900S Budget Build

Picked up bike.

Both tires flat and more plastic than rubber. Front tire had 2.5 psi and rear tire had 5 psi. Filled to spec. Still holding air. They have good tread. Replace or save money and break them in? I'm a gambling man who lives on the edge.

Gas cap lock only turned half way. Used universal gas cap key to pick and turn lock to halfway point. Plus side of the universal gas cap key is you can remove after turning. Removed it and turned lock with proper sized flat head screwdriver and a little persuasion. Removed cap assembly and sprayed brake cleaner into tumbler. Used key to then actuate lock a few times. Repeated this until lock operated as should. Cap spray painted matte black so kept eye out for gold and silver cap as stock would be.

Sprocket cover spray painted yellow by Mr. Squid. Located stock cover for $10 shipped.

Over zealous tail chop done by Mr. Squid which included lopping off the seat lock. Tag "bracket" was two strips of what looked like house door trim. Located used Competition Werkes tail kit with blinker brackets for $49 shipped. Going to install stock tail light, blinkers and tag light. Need rear harness as well since Mr. Squid hacked up rear harness to "install" an integrated led tail light.

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