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I own a 2014 Monster 1200S, and to be honest, it wasn't my favorite bike when it was announced. I liked the tank from the 1100Evo better, this one looked like unfinished, too simple, the seams at the bottom looked... cheap. I didn't love the full TFT display either, I love analog gauges, at least the tach. However, I understand that models have to evolve, being this due to safety/pollution regulations, to keep up with new technology or just for the joy of industrial designers that like to push the boundaries.

Technology is an important drive for this changes, I've never had fancy electronics in my bikes before, but I really like to have at least ABS (I'm not getting any younger so it's good to have some support) different frame, wheelbase, etc. All this things make the overall package different, whether we like it or not but that's how everything changes in the industry.

Things cannot stay the same forever otherwise they'll become obsolete, regardless of how cherished they are. If Ducati or any other manufacturer ketp the same style/technolgy indefinitely they'll become... well, Harley Davidson. And they're struggling to close the gap they left all that time now when their loyal clients are dying of old age and the younger ones look for something else. In the end it's all bussiness.

The good thing is that there is always market and interest for previous models and like cars, you can keep or look for a specific year/model that appeals to you and keep it that way. I think this is the better option because the new retro trend in the bikes is not really the real thing. In the end, they must keep with regulations and be competitive in the market so they end up feeling like expensive, stripped down versions of their modern counterparts.

So, yes, the latest monster lineup it's different, but it is not bad, it's a very capable machine, even more than it's predecesors. Maybe it lost some of the charm of the original, but it's still a Monster, and the good thing about it, is that it can be customized to "fix" many of this issues. I changed the headlight because I liked the round design, painted the tank to make it look different, played with the geometry with a drag bar and adjustable foot pegs and some other things.

In the end, I've turned my monster in the bike I want to ride, and I'm very happy with it, I wouldn't change it for another model, the same way most of you think of you bikes. There is no way to stop if Ducati wants to make a radical redesign for future models but we'll always have the choice to update it or keep the ones that we know and love. Or both if you're rich.

The only thing that we can do is agree with Bob Dylan: "The Times They Are A-Changin'"
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