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Originally Posted by breaddrink View Post
It's purely a personal opinion, but admiring Ducatis from afar my whole life, I believe they peaked in 08, and every single subsequent year has seen a cartoon like design add on, that veered from the classic thing Italian bike and car makers knew how to do.. To keep that balance between organic and man made functionality.

I feel they've strayed in a need to continuously, and sometimes pointlessly move on whether it was needed it or not.

I don't like Ferrari any more either. Same reason.

I'm not saying I wouldn't love one . Just that in an armchair judge perspective, they had aesthetically much better days.
They're shouting too loudly, and not doing what they do/did best. Arrogantly being better, quietly.

Well, the Monsters have become more complicated in design because they chased higher performance goals than on the air-cooled bikes. The 4V, water cooled engines are more complex both internally and externally compared to the 2V, air cooled versions, but they sure make more power. Now whether buyers need that extra power is a subject for debate.
Externally the LH exposed water lines should be hidden inside the engine cases as was done on the XDiavel.
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