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Originally Posted by Nomad View Post

I recently installed the Rizoma Drag bar, along with the risers. I did it this way because 1-I wasn't sure that the controls wouldn't hit the tank without the risers and 2- the riser kit alows me to place my phone holder (which is ridiculously huge, but it's waterproof and it didn't fit well with the OEM bar) and a camera bracket in the center of the bar which is very nice. Despite having the risers the bar sits lower overall and the position is much better on the highway or while you're having fun in some twisty roads, as you said it's a bit more aggressive without going to clip ons level which are too much for me. In slow traffic or slow downhills it's a bit uncomfortable because of the lean angle that ads more pressure on the wrists, but I think I'll get used to that. In the higway helps to reduce the sail effect and give me a better stretch to the controls, this might help with your elbow issue since I tended to have my elbows bent a little bit to the back with the OEM bar. I like to have more reach to it and feel better control under hard acceleration.

The controls are closer to the tank since they don't have the swoop up, so they might hit it in a drop, but that might be the case with the OEM bar too, so just don't drop it

Overall, I like the result, It looks better and rides better outside of traffic areas. It's livable in traffic, just try to avoid it as much as possible. Also avoid going downhill in rocky/uneven surfaces (lots of towns with stone streets around here) it gets painful really fast.

I will install the Rizoma adjustable footpegs and try to fine tune my riding position with the bar. I'm attaching a couple of pics of the mounted bar. Hope it's useful.
Amazing post Nomad,couldn't have been more thorough !

So, riding position with the drag bars seems like the one i looking for judging by your comments, shame about the tank clearance though - was looking at some pics in another forum and - for some reason - it looked like they cleared the tank better compared to the OEM one since they're shorter and more forward(?), also, i think that there's no need for risers on our 1200's but you do need to install them on a 821, just saying, you explained why you did so.

Welp, looks like i'll have to open my friggin' wallet again - bikes - no one's said that they're a cheap hobby
Hope my handlebar bag will still be compatible after the change though 'cause if not...yeah

Thanks friend, appreciate it
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