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Foremost Insurance Company Pays Everything

Foremost Insurance is a great company. I rate insurance companies on how they pay. Foremost had all the money in my account in 2 days. No dispute with my dealer on any parts or hours or tow. Not only did they have the cheapest rate, they actually pay. You can ask for no more than that. I recommend Foremost to anyone with a motorcycle! A few years ago I had a claim with Progressive and they were the same. Paid immediately all the adjuster requested. Foremost and Progressive are honorable companies that pay on their claims fairly and immediately. That's just my 2 cents. We buy insurance not to get the best deal but to get paid , if we need to use them. These 2 I can personally recommend. The only reason I did not get progressive is that their premium was 50% more for the exact same coverage. My agent is also the best. He looked out for me with boosting my coverage for my own protection, especially with liability and physical damage. I hope you all never need to use insurance but if you do, these 2 companies are worth a quote as they make the process as painless as possible. Safe riding. My fingers crossed on my parts making it from Italy asap. i am missing my daily rides and waxing, cleaning my bike. It's therapy as well as a great big smile while riding.

Monster 1200 R
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