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OK gentlemen, i know that it's an old thread but i have a few questions regarding the drag bar :

The stock handlebar is killing my right elbow for some reason, every time i get off the bike i have this constant pain in the inside part of my right hand/elbow, NEVER had this problem on my M796 which had a more hunched/sporty riding position...
I suppose that the pain i'm feeling is because the 1200 has different riding position (more upright) in combination with the OEM handlebar (mounted angle/height), so :

- Will the Rizoma Drag bar alleviate the muscle pain problem ? I'm looking at a more sporty riding position like my previous 796 which, for some reason, i found it to be more comfortable in the long run compared to the stock 1200 as you didn't feel like a frigging sail above the 120Km/h mark (plus, again, no muscle pain in the arm).

- Since we all know that there are clearance issues with the stock bar (i.e: even a static drop can result in denting the tank), will the Rizoma Drag bars also help regarding this or will it make the problem worse in case of a drop ?

Any info will be appreciated, i have a 2000+Km trip coming up and i'd like not having my right arm/elbow die on me (or leave me with a chronic muscle pain).


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