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Originally Posted by bht View Post
thank you. i'd prefer not to get one. good news.
Bht, did you really need some input or did you only want to receive some confirmation bias ?
Did you take a good look at the radiator ? have you noticed that it's humongous ? Have you noticed where it's located ?

I had 2 dings in the first 2 months of ownership , same thing with another dude on a 1200 and a buddy of mine on his 821, what now ? Who's right and who's wrong ? FYI, the other day that i washed my bike i noticed a (new) scuff on the Evotech radiator guard so...
Mind you, it's not like we off-road our bikes, just your typical use for a street bike.

Just install one and be done with it, radiator guards are one of the most useful, easier and cheap mods that you can do on a bike.
I'd rather spend 150€ on a guard and have some peace of mind instead of worrying all the time and getting screwed on a ride/trip in case something,anything decides to perforate my radiator.
Just because it didn't happen to some people it doesn't mean that it wont ever happen, it's just another precaution, you put one exactly because you don't when it will happen - just like a helmet, do you know if and when you're going to have a get-off ? On the other hand you have people like me that put one exactly because i already had 2 dings and same thing goes for the other 2 gentlemen on the 1200 and 821 respectively.

Sonic Duck only goes to Starbucks on weekends so of course he doesn't have any problems (love ya bro)

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