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Originally Posted by Nomad View Post
I got the SW Motech Blaze for my 1200, they are a nice, compact option with very discrete and removable bars that hold everything in place to avoid hitting the exhaust or anything else under the seat. They recently released a new line called Legend, with bigger bags and a more robust bracket to hold them. You can get both options for less than half of the DP ones. Not sure if there are available for the 796 tough.

Here's a picture of the Blaze model on my bike, you can keep the backseat cowl if you want to.

Much, much appreciated Nomad, cheers !

So, i take it they were about 500-ish $ ? Also, can you have a pillion with them installed ?
Still, i don't know buddy, i'm so friggin' lazy these days that even putting/removing those bars sounds like a hassle

I've seen some saddlebags that don't need bars and you just secure them via a central lower strap (that goes under the tail section) - i think they were made by Givi...Still, don't know how secure they'll be so...

Thanks anyways friend
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