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Originally Posted by 350LCjohnny View Post
Hi Brianq can you give me any tips on this - is it working ok?

I fitted the Blaze panniers and my wife wanted the velcro band off her seat - so underneath it goes!

But it was not easy to get the seat down and when (after removing the rear blocks) i got the seat to lock down it pressed the right pannier onto the exhaust

- has that happened to you? or is it worth me trying again?
I run the seat at the highest setting because I have an alarm under the seat. I leave enough slack in the big velcro strap so that when I put the seat on the slack is taken up the right amount for the bags to sit properly. I don't have any issue with this setup latching the seat.

Make sure you have the support bar mounts on the correct side; I did this wrong the first time. The piece you press to release them is actually going to end up upside down if they are on correctly in order for the support bars to be at the correct angle.

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