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Originally Posted by Sonic Duck View Post
Different but maybe will do the trick?


No experience myself, are your tires losing air that quickly? Before I got the right angle on the front I was just using my Ryobi inflator at home and was plenty to get to as far as Indy and back without a top off.
Thanks Sonic
No, my tyres are OK (as in, they don't lose air quickly), it's just that i wanted to check 'em since i hadn't done so since mid-October and it's something which i do before a long ride.

Originally Posted by DarR View Post
I have something in a similar price range in both cars. One has a screw-in and the other is a 90 degree quick detach.
Thanks man

Originally Posted by Nomad View Post

I use a bicycle pump and check/inflate them before I leave home, It's a tight fit but it works for both tyres.
So simple and yet...
Cheers Nomad

Whole thing is idiotic tbh though, especially since some MY's have the normal vertical valves while others the 90 degrees one, and since tyre pressure check is something which most of us do at gas stations (at least over my side of the pond) and you don't know whether their air pump is gonna have a long metal nozzle or a rubber cable-like one, well..."Ducati" man - 330mm discs with a vertical valve stem, dudes over at borgo Panigale are rocket scientists i tell you...

Just gonna install a 90 degree valve stem on the front tyre and be done with it.

Thanks for the help boys

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