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Originally Posted by digitalnico View Post

Yes, I bought the titanium Akra headers and an SC project CRT can. I am waiting for my tax return to come back before buying a Rapid Bike EVO tuner and hi-flow air filter.

Take this with a small grain of salt, but the master mechanic at my dealership and I were having a beer and talking 'for-funzies-mods' with my 1200. He said 1098 cams can drop right in and would net a huge HP increase. He also said (use a bigger grain of salt here) that with enough time and money this engine can make 205 hp. To which my response was O.O .... I would have to stitch myself to the seat to stay on. I'm thinking I could push it to 180 HP optimistically with cams and all. We'll see what happens with time but I havent seen anyone near those numbers so far.

The headers, tuner and can will be installed in the next 2 weeks or so. Then its going to be some protection mods, frame sliders and rad guards. then I'll be broke again -.-
well, given 1198's made 180bhp stock I would think 205bhp in World Superbike trim would be likely. In my experience mechanics like to talk of ten tenths possibilities and handily ignore if the motor will last more than 20k miles.
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