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Putting air in front tyre wiith those 330mm discs...

Today i went to the gas station to put some juice in the bike and thought of checking tyre pressure since last time i did so was back in mid-October when i got the bike.

Starting from the rear tyre, everything checked out, 36psi, put the valve cap back on.
Front tyre..."wait, how am i supposed to...", "maybe i have to find the right angle...", "oh wait, maybe...no...well, shit"
Felt like a muppet since i haven't had this happen on a bike before, then again, never had a bike with 330mm front discs before, basically, the air pump nozzle can't fit/be placed properly due to those huge 330mm front discs.
Tried 2 other gas stations, yep, same air pumps with same long metallic nozzle, long story short, wasn't able to check the front tyre pressure.

Idiotic as it may sound, what's to be done in this case ?

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