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Originally Posted by DarR View Post
I believe I can comment objectively owning two of the models you mentioned.
While I was lukewarm when Ducati went to water cooled, the newer 1200's do have more of a bad-ass look to them but the air cooled were more esthetically balanced from left to right.
As for the 959 Panigale, it's drop-dead gorgeous Period...and that's from any direction you happen to be looking at it. P.S. I have the stunning North-American version.
The reason the air-cooled bikes looked more aesthetically balanced, left-to-right, is the water cooling plumbing on the LH side. If Ducati would just use the new engine cases from the XDiavel that re-routes all that exposed plumbing inside for the Monster family we'd all be happier.

I agree on the Panigale's looks. Just park it next to an R1, S1000RR or ZX10R to see the difference between a bike that's properly industrially designed versus ones that look like "parts flying in formation".
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