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Originally Posted by LeFraussie View Post
When it comes to fuel range, we need to make the distinction between the 1100 and 1100EVO. Not only the EVO has a smaller tank but is also missing the dual spark engine. Dual spark improves fuel consumption and this is confirmed in the real world by "fuelly.com" where most riders achieve better mileage on the DS1100. By looking at the "fuelly" figures, I would say the difference is roughly 10%.
personally, it's still not enough for my peace of mind. I want a good 180 miles before the reserve comes on, and an additional 40 miles after that. that way i can wander off the beaten path for longer periods of time. with the Monster, I have to stay closer to civilization. I've wanted to do a road trip to Fairbanks from South Louisiana, but I've heard that gas stations are so spread out up there that the Monster is probably a bad idea. I'll have to get another bike for that trip.
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