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I have been riding for years now and touring our great land of AUSTRALIA (trust me this place is BIG) and the best advice I can give is exactly as already stated with a couple of modifications, build up to long distances slowly and always always make sure you stop every TWO hours even if it's just to fill up the tank. While filling the bike I always have a little mini jog on the spot just to get leg muscles and blood oxygen pumping through tired leg muscles which surprise does work! Then I go pay for the gas and buy a POWERADE ION4 which is one of those ELECTROLYTES drinks (depends on what you like) to help replace that which you have used while riding and sweating and these I find really help at the end of your ride as you don't have that DRAINED feeling hanging over you the next day.
I have no problem in doing 2,000klm in a day here in Australia as the distances are so great and the roads open out after the mountains but like everything you must plan your trip and time it accordingly so you know fuel availability (A closed service station is no help when your out of fuel) and rest periods etc etc but it's mostly common sense and as you get more experience the planning and RIDING will come that much easier. It's not all about just having a comfortable seat that I'm trying to convey here as you can see but too many riders try to do long distance without building up to it and wonder why they failed or worse still have an accident or get killed because their too tired or worn out from the extremes of distance travel and that is where I hope my little 10 cent's worth of advice will pay dividends for all other riders in future who may read this. I do my touring on my 2008 Suzuki GSX1400 (1402cc) Final Edition towing my camper trailer, I have also just brought my first Ducati recently after a 20 year wait (2003 monster S4R with only 15,055klm on her clock!) so just nicely run in lol.... and you can be assured that she will be doing some touring duties as well (just without the trailer) I have two other bikes in the stable as well one is a collectors item and rarely gets used (1988 GSX-R1100J limited edition only 50 made world wide, factory race bike Yoshi kitted engine from factory.) and my general purpose bike a 2002 Honda CB900 Hornet. I'm not proclaiming to know it all (I'm only 50) but as you can see I have had experience with a fair few different bikes and if I can just help ONE rider then I've achieved what I set out to do in this article. Thank you everyone for having a read and may you always stay shiny side UP! see you out on the road somewhere. Anthony.
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