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Originally Posted by RKS4RS View Post
I too have a '02 S4, Foggy edition, which I've experienced only with the DP ecu. This means I've never had any immobilizer experience.

The person who I would think can set you straight is Tom at www.ducatidepot.com. This seems to be his area of expertise.

I take it you've done the usual obvious such as the re-set using the red key? Doesn't 2 blinks mean your bike recognizes 2 keys? I wish I had something better for you, checking w Ducatidepot might be the move.

Sent Tom an email earlier today and he just replied.. thanks!! Apparently the two blinks at the initial start and sweep is a error. Don't have a red key and never had one. Hoping tom can set me on the right path.

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