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Ok guys, it's not the pegs.

I'm not an OCD type of dude, it's just that this is the weirdest sounding bike i've ever ridden and i'm actually very curious now as to why it sounds like this - i know, different motors = different sounds, still, the Diavel that shares the same motor doesn't have this sound - at least that's what i remember after having test ridden it...

In the 2 videos below you can clearly hear the sound that i'm describing, it's a constant rattle-like sound which seems to emanate from the front(?)




^ start the video at the 2:28 mark

They're both 821's but the sound's exactly the same, besides the (usual) engine noise there's also this constant "chhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" rattle-like sound - thing sounds like a friggin' tractor...

Basically gents, could anyone with engine/mechanical knowledge be kind as to explain why the motor sounds like this and why bikes with the same motor don't produce this sound ? The Diavel at least, never ridden an MTS1200 so i wouldn't know.
Unless, again, it's not the motor and said sound's produced from something else - like the huge water cooler for example ?

Really curious about this, apparently it's normal so my mind is at ease, still, i'd like to know the reason.


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