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Well, after watching about a friggin' gazillion videos on youtube and also reading various posts on various forums in various languages seems like that noise i described is...normal.
Shit's driving me crazy though as it's high-pitched, no prob after the 100+km/h mark though as wind-noise takes care of that

My mechanic told me the other day that it's just the engine noise of said motor and also jokingly said "man, no 2 same Ducati engines make the same exact noise" - specifically referring to the TS 11' motor derived form the Multi1200 after having other owners asking about engine noise(s).

Again, i've ridden mostly air-cooled Ducatis so this seems strange to me (the noise that is), wish i could find an MTS1200 or M1200 to test-ride as to compare the noise...

Oh well...
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