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Tired of Ducati Maintenance (shops) - a rant

I am not a do it yourselfer. Case and point, I removed the tail tidy that my bike came with and reinstalled the stock fender and Rizoma turn signals. As a result I kinked the servo cable reinstalling it and I have to pay the shop $25 in parts + $90 in labor to replace it. So I'd rather just identify the problem, take it to the shop, have it fixed, and ride off into the sunset.

I took my 09 M1100 in to get the check engine light fixed. It was costing $120 to diagnose the engine light and $280 for the annual service (basically oil change and list of checks). But a computer check is included in the annual. So I said, wait are you going to double charge me if I do the annual service? THEN he said, no, if there is not fault codes then not. If there is fault codes we'll charge you $60, since the annual service includes reading fault codes but not troubleshooting them. So I went with the annual. I don't have time to price shop. I know they are ripping me off. Installing frame sliders on my bike in the Netherlands cost me $30. The same job here in California cost me $120.

Fault codes were for the servo (kinked cable), battery not holding charge (suspected this and had a new oem battery installed - they said never put a lithium battery in a Ducati?!) and a cylinder starter coil (but I have not had problems starting the bike). So they did everything else on the "annual service" oil change and ordered the servo cable and I took the bike for the weekend.

I was riding in the middle of nowhere Nevada (just passed Genoa at the 395 intersection) and I stopped at a traffic light and glanced down at my newly installed and totally awesome Speedymoto frame sliders to see oil streaks on the left side. WTF.... I just so happen to have a KTM dealer right there on the corner (picture the middle of the desert and suddenly a KTM shop appears next to you like in a dream). I pulled in and asked the guys in the shop if they would help me take a look, maybe the oil was over filled or something. Basically it looked like the oil was coming from the silver tube above the black California box. I'll post a picture later. The mech grabbed a wrench and tightened the bolt on the crush washer, wiped the area off with a rag for me and wouldn't take my money.

When he checked the oil level he said it looked like they didn't even clean the oil fill area after they refilled it. When he tightened the bolt he said, it looked like it was slowly leaking for a while by the amount of dirt and build up, it was obvious there was something going on there.

Is it just me or am I wrong, but if I pay $280 for an "annual check" (read: oil change) and this was an existing leak should they have caught this? On the list I got from them of what that check includes is also a safety inspection and soft clean. Among 20 other things.

In April I had a check engine light and had the bike in for an other oil leak (dried up seal from lack of riding) but they didn't say anything to me about the check engine light when they gave the bike back.

I suspect when they put it back together with the new seal they didn't properly tighten that bolt and it's been slowly leaking since. I just noticed now because the frame sliders are on there and the oil sprayed on the left.

This is a perfect motorcycle if properly maintained. I think Ducati Maintenance is shitty and that gives the bike a bad rap. They are too far from Italy here and so they don't have any accountability.

As of this moment I can not recommend A&S Motorcycles in Sacramento to Anyone. Take your money somewhere else. And if you live in Northern Nevada or Tahoe and need gear take your money to that KTM shop. Those guys were knowledgeable and extremely helpful.

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