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ok, the rear end is back together with new wheel bearings, brake caliper and shoes cleaned & lines bled, the rear reservior was filthy milky with residue in the bottom, back brake is great now. bled the clutch already. another filthy reservior with milky deposit and silt, best bet is to suck out this crap with a syringe before bleeding so as not to run this muck thru the lines, then fill and bleed. just dont suck out too much, leave a little bit in the bottom.

rear axle is cleaned and greased properly, new 14 t on the front sprocket and new chain. looking good!!!

Also i finally got the right size front fork seals, ariette brand, cos nothing seemed to fit, but the guy at bike n bits found a set that matched, so im stoked, should be test riding the bike tomorrow arvo, kudos to adrian at bike and bits for taking the time to get it right, instead of just selling the wrong part to me like some other shop did. and generally not caring, he did real good by me.

just got to assemble and bleed the front brakes and put the forks back together and shes a runner.

il get back with pics when shes good to go why not.
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