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ar mr dezmo06-i took your advice and got an l.e.d strip light for num plate, it was 15$ works fine.

@LeFraussie, that guy in mornington{john the owner i think} is ok, but 1 of his salesman whom ive dealt with before over the years, can be frustrating and quite unhelpful, and very dismissive. he already sold me the wrong front bearing, it was tiny and he should have known there was no way it would fit on a street bike, it was for like a kx80 or something.[they sell dukes for crying out loud??}

there is no dust cover/bearing cover washer on left side of front wheel, only the axle spacer, im wondering if this is why the fork seals went[i.e pulling the lower fork stanchions inwards due to the slight gap caused by no dust cap washer etc], its quite odd, becos usa duc 696 parts lists this on the front wheel, but eu/aus doesnt in the diagrams? so im not sure whether its meant to go on the front axle setup, it didnt have it on the axle when i pulled the front end down.

when i put the front end back together, im going to check if there is a space there without torqueing the axle, if so il throw an appropriate washer in against the left bearing.

, good and bad new, the good news is, i got 2 new front bearings and put them in today, bad new is i took the back wheel off and it needs 2 new ones too, wahahahaha,-----> but the cush drive is fine, rear sprocket is pretty fine.

when i bought the bike, one of the pics of the bike was at a car wash place, this is probably why the bearings were rusty and shot, so were the forks really too,

so here goes for any future ducati thread readers/owners,,,---->>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>>WARNING>>DO NOT PRESSURE WASH YOUR DUCATI, EVER, EVER, AND NEVER.!!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

i have sourced new bearings and fork seals from a shop in brighton on nepean hwy called bikes and bits and they were fantastic nice young blokes, very helpful and genuinely interested in helping me out., they measured the fork seals with a micrometer because the standard stock duke seals for this bike dont fit the showa forks that are on it believe it or not!!

for some reason the standard fork seals dont fit my particular forks, these same seals are parts # listed for 09 duc 696 too in aus.

a tip for anyone installing bearings, freeze them first before installing, makes it much easier,, and to remove old ones, use a heat gun carefully or small crack lighter around the edges of the bearing itself,, not on the bearing tho, my bearings were shattered, literally disintegrated, and rusted in place,

@LeFraussie, could the clearance issue be solved by raising the forks and rear height by an inch somehow, or low profile pegs/clutch lever etc?

your making me want to sell it and buy a 1000m or somtin, im sure il love riding it, im not a highly skilled rider, yet, probably average.

i hope this thread/topic etc has brought a modecum of entertainment for you both too, kind regs from me,
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