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I took the electric drill and buffer pad and metal polish to the lower chromed fork stanchions and i say what, they have come up looking like brand new, the polish and a rag mounted on wooden shaft cleaned up the insides nicely too.

if anyone ever does there fork seals, i can recommend giving the chromed tubes this treatment!!

as a backyard mech, i really like how easy and acccesible it is to work on these bikes, however, from a spare parts standpoint and dealer supplies/cost, thats a disgraceful situation, if someone was relying on there duc as a daily ride to work etc, this situation is very unimpressive, i go so far as to label it rather rude, disgraceful and bordering on obnoxious.

im tempted to ring ducati in italy and give them a stern telling off.

the forks let this bike down severely, very cheaply made, if i keep the bike i will upgrade with those insert internals with adjustable rebound compression and better springs down the track, maybe respring the rear etc.

if it wasnt for the poor parts supply ie fork seals and bearings, i could have been riding this bike by now.

im going to learn as much as i can about these bikes. why not.

btw, the front bearings are skf in it, and when i pulled the trashed one out, my first thought was how well made it looked. im tracking down a skf supplier atm. i think they do fork seals too.

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