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il go with those^ if it doesnt pass roadworthy, but it was fun making a light out of found objects myself hehe, it works quite well so far, and looks ok, kinda proto industrial old school lol. ......hehehe. :-) thanks for the link dez,g1/

i wanted black plastic conduit for the wiring but ahwell the local hardware only had clear, can swap later.

boy its been a lot of work, all 3 tank bolts were all missing but ive sorted it via hardware and some new bolts and washers. managed to scavange some hex bolts i had laying round for other bits and pieces, and loctite on everything. there was a few missing here and there like exhaust mounts petrol tank brackets wer loose with a bolt missing, THE NEW HORN WORKS====WOOOHOO, i was sweating pulling the loom down to problem solve that one if cleaning the switch mech didnt work.
some wiring needed wrapping with elec tape here n there, in a few spots, tho it looks quite clean under the tank area.so all electrics are fine, hooray.

with both forks disassembled it would have been a good time to invest in some better springs or a cartridge kit etc, but its all money, can come later, me and my bro are both between 65-75 kgs so wel be fine for a while,

as for the forks, what a forking mess, right one had signs of corrosion, the other wasnt much better, they have cleaned up quite well, but i think il try lightly metal polishsing the lower tube outer chrome section and maybe the inner too on the right leg, just gently, i dont think oxide and fork oil would be good combo somehow.its not too extreme, but not great either., it was disgusting inside, unreal.
and will folow your advice on 7.5w too.cheers.

if i had the opportunity i would give the previous owner the industrial strength, steel capped, proverbial punishing boot right up his backside for neglecting this bike, i think tho, as the motor seemed to run very well, blows no smoke etc, plenty of power and low kms,should be right x fingers. most of it is pretty good so far, and it came with termis hehe, my r/w shop said no probs on that one.pheww!!

p.s. is it 500 ml fork oil per leg? ive tried researching but...... seems nothing is difinitive.?? user manual states 2008- 474ml right, 349 left?? 2009 manual says 538ml per leg,?

not too far to go now, getting close, only fork seals and frnt wheel bearings, and new tyres, unfortunately i got sold the wrong size fork seals , have to go to town monday and get some more.and get some frnt wheel bearings from somewhere too, il try brad for bearings. or fraser ducati in town.

thanks both of you guys for taking an interest, all advice is warmly welcomed and thoroughly appreciated too.

after all this grease monkey sweat, i am BUSTING to ride this bike!!! still needs a bit of cleaning.
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