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Today I received my new to me 848 Showa rear shock. Even though the swingarm is off the bike at the moment, I'm sure it'll fit. It's .4 inches shorter eye-2-eye, but I'll adjust the ride height to accommodate the difference and see how it rides. A side note is that it feels a bit lighter - guessing between a .5 to 1 lbs.

I also received my new to me 999S front calipers - P4 34/34 that I bought from Imperial SB. They mounted up nicely, but it's time to get new lines too since now my MC's and Calipers have the wrong banjo bend in them. So, I ordered a two line set of Galfer's for a 1098 since that matches on both ends - hopefully they'll be the right length. Galfer said they have a policy about not telling the length of their lines - must be intellectual property to them

Should have the swingarm, kickstand, kickstand mount plate, and U mount back from Powder Coating Friday this week, and then I can start reassembling things.

This is turning into quite the franken-bike...

1098 Master Cylinders
999 Front Calipers
748 Forks
848 Rear Shock
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