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Originally Posted by Scubaman View Post
I think this is the ugliest bike in the world!!! My 1200 S with Corbin seat is sooooo much prettier. It's Ugly Ugly Ugly and I dont want it!!!!

I love you Scuba
Yours truly

In other news : Minus the minor upgrades (from the S model)...yeah, aesthetically it looks - not "shite" obviously - but...

Don't know boys, Ducati has "lost it" the past couple of years and is now content with just rehashing a bike and calling it a new model...It's like they're not even trying any more...

Wanna know which Italian company still releases SEXY muhfuggin Italian exotica machines worthy of the "R" moniker ? MV Agusta - just look at the "R" models of the B3 800 and the Dragster, besides the various engine tweaks and other tidbits, looks-wise they're sexy as hell and sure look more "premium" than the non "R" models - and that's the point really...
Now, compare them to the 1200R with its cheap looking painted forks (looks like a plasti-dip job ffs) , same rims (design-wise, i know they're forged) and...yeah...
Oh yes, new exhausts but really, you're just going to swap those for some A.M ones so who cares really...

Again, imo, it's like they're not even trying anymore, when the "S", the cheaper model is already good enough and looks better than the more "premium"/expensive one...

Personally speaking (always) I'd opt for the S model
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