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It worked! Man! save even the cost of the Duc EE, simply disconnecting that cable made great improvements. Ok, so they may be minor, but they're huge to me bc I've only had it a week. And no Check Engine Light


Before: Throttle response was very twitchy. On my half hour ride to work, I felt like I had to get to the sweet spot in 3rd which was 4k rpm and around 45mph. First and second were gears to get through, not gears to ride in. Very twitchy up to the 4k mark.

After: First, I couldn't hear my music as well, so it must be louder :-) Secondly, 1st was easier to more smoothly (still not perfect, but improved) roll off of at a stop and get to second gear. Second gear is smoothed out fairly tremendously really. I was able to cruise and roll on throttle fairly smoothly from about 2500 rpm through 4k. I specifically noted that this made 2nd gear usable in the 25 and 35 zones.

Great mod and didn't even require buying the Duc EE. Thanks guys!!
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