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Torx T60 female head screw is located at the bottom of the back wheel sprocket housing dead center. It is horrizonal to the floor. To loosen go counter clockwise. Don't use your torque wrench to loosen the Torx screw if it is not a reversible one, that will damage the wrench. The manual said to have the bike on the side stand to make the chain adjustment. I did it on my Burzig stand and had it in spec. I then put my M1200S down on the stand and the chain was TOO TIGHT!! So the manual is correct. I watched a YouTube and it said it does not matter. YES IT DOES!!
If I were home I would take some pictures for you.
Ducati used to include in the bike tool kit with a nice little piece of metal that went to the measuring point of the chain which made life simple rather than measuring 1 1/4" from inside the body point behind the chain. The tool kit sucks for a $16,000 bike. Have to buy a M1200/S eccentric wrench for $30 and a T60 Torx 3/8 bit at AutoZone for $6.00 too.
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