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Only a black key

I have a 2004 M800ie with only a black key. I got a blank and took it to a local locksmith. They duplicated the key and cut the blank. It worked fine. Cloning the black keys works. I even got the locksmith to write down the key codes that she read from the machine. There were two of them. I'm not sure what encoding scheme they use that has two codes.

I do not know what situation requires a red key unless it is to reenable a locked security system. I have been told (or read) that the red key enables you to make new black keys using the bike electronics.

To get new blanks or get your black key cloned by mail visit www.allmotorcyclekeys.com. Located in Maine, USA. Jim has been helpful and is an interesting person to speak with. My key was $15 US and still is.

There is another situation that I don't like. A person started my bike with my mechanical key that does not have a transponder. He used a device that he called a 'zapper'. He turned the mechanical key in the lock and triggered the zapper. It started the bike several times over a few days with only the first try not working. The 'zapper' was not his and got returned to the owner. I was not allowed to ask who that was.
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