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Re: Resignation as DML mod

Originally Posted by Mostrobelle
Thanks for your contribution.

I'm getting the feeling that there was a singular straw causing the camel's back to break. Is there a message being sent here of which we should be aware something that's been coming for a while? I guess I'm asking if this is a rally cry of sorts or merely a throwing in of the towel. I don't want to be the dufus standing here with my hands in my pockets as the protest goes on outside my door, ya know? If there's more to this, then pipe up. I don't mind taking action when something calls for it.
Well, they are changing to new board software, and with the change the DML will pretty much look like every other VS property. Spidey, DM, the other mods and I all were fighting this behind the scenes, but we've lost. We gave it our best shot, but it is pretty clear that we're day laborers in the view of VS, so most of us just didn't have the stomach to continue under those circumstances.

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