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Re: Jimbo and Dan's 3 day road trip

There were a few David-Lynch Like moments. The weirdest one was whilest riding down the north slope of 33, we come upon this beautiful girl wearing a white and bright pink tennis-type outfit, standing on the shoulder, looking down the valley out toward Soda Springs.

Off we went down Lake 'Liz Road and it cuts through the Ca. Poppy Preserve and trust me when I tell you the name doesn't do the area justice. If you like poppys this is your Mecca. Everything was orange. There were freek'n poppys popping out of the cracks in the road. Everything looked anodized orange. Beautiful.

Hwy.'s 33 and Cerro Noestro are a MUST. Slight camber, constant radius, no suprises. And long. Soda springs is a mind blower, you won't think you're anywhere near anything. What, we're doing 50 mph or so down the dirt? It was easier to ride the dirt fast than the shit asphalt leading to it.

Ojai was great. When the mood hits him Dan can be one serious fuck'n squid.

Fontana, et all pretty much sucked. We went through two dui check points in the 12 hours we were there and there must have been 30 cops there total. Tax dollars = overtime.

The west end of 58 was fun, too. I thought we'd see a cop for sure but nope, not one. Just good 60+ mph sweepers for 30 miles. Again, no suprises, good roads, minimal traffic. We really didn't hit much traffic the whole trip, even on 1 which has never been my experience between Carmel and Lompoc.

There were lots of bugs.
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