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Re: Unofficial SoCal Quitting Smoking Thread

For all you weed suckers....

What might very well help you kick that nasty, ugly, stinking, dirty, costly habit is....

Go to the intensive care unit of any Hospital treating folks with Emphysema...on their last breath, desperately gasping for an ounce of air while their lungs finally give way to this relentless disease.

Yes, I was at my Brother's bedside, him grasping my hand, on a ventilator, his frail, skeleton of a body shaking from all of the drug treatment from IV's, just to allow him to hang on for a few more days...he could not project a word to me, just moved his lips as he was drowning in the airless world he had fallen into. I held his shaking hand while he desperately tried to say his final words to me.
To this day, I do not know what words he was attempting to deliver me, as he shriveled up and faded away.

Oh yeah...Chesterfield, Lucky Strike, Marlboro....a real man's smoke.

To hell with all of that.....what a sinful waste of a beautiful person, my Brother, giving way to that ever so masculine lifestyle.

I truly miss David....his day came way too early.

Please stop as soon as you can.....and hopefully it will make a difference...
for you and your loved ones.

Wunna dis, Wunna dat, Oh,.....an' treeubdem dun cum an' gawn...An' anudda wunna demz has cum !
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