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Re: Unofficial SoCal Quitting Smoking Thread

Nick, I did patches. Twice. They sucked. I had wicked, fucked-ip nightmares, and so wouldn't wear 'em at night. And at the beginning, they overloaded me on nicotine and I felt sick (and I was smokin' a lot!). But then at the end of the day, I still had cravings. Also, every time I went down a level in patch strength, I had cravings all over again. And it didn't do shit for the socialized need to smoke. I felt like it just extended the whole process.

Both times, they worked. But then I picked up a smoke a coupla months later, thinkin' "I'm not addicted now, I can have just one." A short while later, I was smokin' again.

Finally, I just went cold turkey. I didn't even really mean to. I had like two packs at Zeitgeist one night and woke up the next day feeling like I blew Joe Camel. So I didn't smoke that day. Then I figured I just wouldn't smoke the next day. Then the next day, I said, "Meh, I'll smoke tomorrow. Just not today." I kept doin' that. It sucked for a coupla weeks, but it actually worked. Now, everytime I want a smoke, I say that I can have one tomorrow. I never do. That was like 2.5 yrs ago.

Good luck, man.
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