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Re: Think I found it - Oil leak at push rod

The clutch slave is an Evo unit so it doesn't have the stock set-ups o-ring.

The pressure plate bearing has 6k on it. It's one that comes with Speedy Moto plates. I had the plate off a while ago and checked the bearing of any signs of binding. It spun freely w/o any signs of binding/grinding/roughness. But at 6k, it wouldn't kill me to replace it.

The current push rod is less than 200 miles old. When I got it I didn't note any burrs or damage - but I didn't look over it with a magnifying glass either.
I have not pulled it from the bike as of yet to look for signs of wear.

The old one showed signs of wear - but it was 24k miles old, so that's kind of expected.

What's a good way to check the rod for spinning?

Originally Posted by brad black
it's usually the sealer between the cases and alt cover gone bad. remove the alt cover and regoop it.
Care to go a little more indepth for me?
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